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   I've been thinking about writing a blog few years ago but too skeptical about it. Honestly, I am not good in expressing myself in English language but since I moved to NYC last April 2012 I gained a little confidence. I am also worried that nobody would like to read my blog. So, why am I doing this. This is a little story why I finally decided to start writing a blog.
   I am Cherry Ann Montehermoso. I am a Special Education Teacher from Philippines. I moved to NYC when my company sponsored me for a job. I met my husband, a Bangladeshi accountant and we got married August 2013. That makes my life pretty exciting. Even though we are both working we feel like our salaries are just enough to pay our bills and send money back home. 
  One day my husband told me about the idea of starting up a clothing business. At first he wanted to have a children's clothing business but I told him I wanted women's clothing. I was a recent convert to Islam and as a Muslim women I need to dress modestly. I have to choose clothes that I can wear for work and for praying but does not compromise my belief. I thought about Farah Fashions NYC because Farah is my Muslim name. We have been talking to our family and our friends about this business ideas and hopefully we can start with our on-line business on the first quarter of 2014. 
   Farah Fashions NYC would be focus on selling women's clothes that are modern, modest, and multi-function. It is not just only for Muslim women but for all women who believes that we can still be fashionable even if we don't show our skin. I would also promote Filipino and Bangladeshi culture and show our support to hand weavers. Later, we would love to design clothes that promotes all ethnic cultures from different parts of the world. 
   From time to time I would also discuss other topics that I feel relevant to me as a Muslim convert, as a woman, a wife, a special education teacher, a sister/daughter, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), a dreamer, a traveller, fitness enthusiast, living in NYC, and Philippines. 

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