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Farah Fashions NYC goes on-line

Last January 3, 2014 Farah Fashions NYC goes on-line at Storenvy.com please check out our on-line store at http://farahfashionsnyc.storenvy.com/. I spent the 2 weeks of my vacation for research, checking out suppliers, website, marketing ideas and finally we went on-line. It is really my passion to do fashion photography, make-up and selling clothes and I am really happy with what I am doing. Of course I still have to fulfill my other duties as a wife and as a teacher. I have some report to do which had to set aside because of my small business. 

Our first photo shoot

I am very lucky to have a friend like Diana Fuentes to be a model for my business. It was freezing in New York City. It was a day after the snow storm. My friend lives all the way in Queens and we are at Coney Island area. She took a cab just to go my house for our photo shoot. I did the make-up and the photography and she style the hijab by herself. 

I don't know much about fashion photography. I am planning to enroll at FIT for short course maybe after few months. I don't have fancy equipment and place. We did the photo shoot in our tiny living room. As you can see from the video some of the wires of our sound system are visible. I don't know how to edit yet so I just leave it as it is. 

Future Plans

On-line clothing store is just one of the many goals that me and my husband are planning to do. I am planning to enroll in Fashion Design and Photography to have our own design. Now, this is just our first step towards achieving our goals. On-line clothing business is a tough competition. We are competing against big businesses like Amazon and E-bay. We know the risks of doing this but we adhere to our advocacy of promoting modest clothing. With God's grace and determination we know we can succeed.

I hope you would like our video. Comments and criticism  are welcome. Thank you.

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