Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Firdous Chiffon Collection 2015 | Printed Lawn with Chiffon Dupatta

Firdous Fashion has become women favorite clothing brand. This is not impulsive but logical because Firdous Fashion is taking extra care of its customers and clientage. For ongoing summer season 2015 Firdous launched several dress collections, some are expensive, luxurious and some are very casual. And now for the young girls Firdous Fashion has brought its one of the famous and most demanding dress collection in this summer 2015. This is Firdous Chiffon Collection 2015; the dresses are in stores now and you can enjoy the summer gala with style, elegance and fashion. This Firdous Chiffon Collection is consists of printed lawn shirts which have been coupled with dashing chiffon dupatta
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Orients Lawn Kurti for Summer 2015 | Best Lawn Kurtis for Young Girls

Summer season brings lots of colors and natural ingredients to the board and in Pakistan it brings happiness and smile. In the beginning of summer season people do harvest their fields and different sort of galas and customs have been organized by people. For metropolitan inhabitants summer season brings the season of clothing; everyone go for new dresses and especially girls look crazy about that trend. So, for the beautiful young girls of Pakistan Orient brought the colorful, stylish and gorgeous clothing stuff for summer 2015. Now enjoy the customs, galas and celebrations of summer 2015 with Orient Lawn Kurtis. Orient Textile has become the symbol of quality in women clothing and for summer casual moments they bring stylishly elegant and boldly perfect Lawn Kurti for Summer 2015. 
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Wear Chairman Latha by Gul Ahmed for Gorgeous Men Look

In summer season every men wants to wear comfortable dress and luckily Pakistani men have blessed with the world’s most comfortable dress i.e. Shalwar Kameez. Shlawar Kameez is just not the national dress of Pakistan but famous, demanding and gorgeous attire. Men always prefer shalwar kameez especially for events, occasions and family gatherings. For Summer 2015 Gul Ahmed brings the most demanding shalwar kameez of men in most demanding fabric. Latha, yes Latha is the most demanding and widely used fabric of men dressing and Gul Ahmed is a leading entity making quality latha for men clothing. Chairman Latha is a prime brand of Gul Ahmed and a perfect dress for perfect men look. 
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Midsummer Dream | Ayesha Somaya Summer 2015 Dresses

Midsummer Dream | Ayesha Somaya Summer 2015 DressesBeing luxury pret designer designing seasonal attire is a tricky task. The designers often need modern fashion information based on local market trend; and the designer has to establish a link between trend and clothing customs. Ayesha Somaya two gorgeous ladies have got the guts; being luxury women wear designer they also best known for their work on Haute & Couture, smart casual and seasonal dresses as well. And in this summer season 2015 Ayesha Somaya launched “Midsummer Dream” a collection of dream summer dresses. Ayesha Somaya’s designing philosophy behind this Midsummer Dream collection is based on versatility in glamorous look. 
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Nation Embroidered Summer Collection 2015 Vol-1 By Riaz Arts

If you are looking a quality embroidered lawn dress for summer 2015 then don’t worry and stop looking around because you are on right spot. We are presenting the pure designer embroidered dresses for summer 2015; the dresses have been made for the modern feminine of Pakistan demanding high quality fabric in such a glorious prints and cultural embroideries. This is Nation Embroideries Summer Collection 2015 Vol-1 By Riaz Arts. This collection is a combination of master strokes of summer hues which have been transformed into trendy lawn prints. The dresses have been embellished in vibrant schemes of pure summer colors; in summer feminine usually prefer light strokes including the shocking ones. 
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Zunuj Lakhani Collection by Lakhani Textile | Best Formals of the Season

Lakhani Textile is the leading clothing store of Pakistan has established strong footings in Pakistani clothing industry. And for the summer 2015 Lakhani Textile is presenting a wide range of summer dresses of all big brands; but today we have brought a sensational summer dresses which have been launched at Lakhani Textile platform. These are Zunuj Lakhani Collection designed by SNT (Salman Nazim Textile). These are the real formals of the season which will nourish your summer evenings and make them more comfortable and colorful. The dresses of Zunuj Lakhani Collection will be in stores from 25th April 2015.
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lavish Embroidered long Kurti with Capri Trouser by Zanisha Summer-15

Everyone knows that life is not tasteful without fashion and especially for those who love lavish personality. Girls always love this habit and that’s why as compare with boys, most of the girls love to innovation in fashion. Long shirt with Capri trouser is one of them. Yes! After palazzo and casual trouser now Capri and jeans are becoming a most lovely fashion in this season winter and summer 2015. And that’s why most of the garment companies and designers are also introducing their Kurti/Kurta collection with trouser in the form of 2-Pc Dresses. Recently Al-Zohaib’s Zanisha launched its Embroidered Kurti Summer Collection 2015. Have a look. Hope, you will love it.
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Raniya Summer 2015 Vol-2 by Rujhan Fabric | Kamran SK Designs

Here we are with another joint work of two emerging entities. Yes, Rujhan Fabric and Kamran SK joined hands for making Raniya Summer 2015 Vol-2. The prints will be in market from 27th April 2015, so get ready for the real feminine lawn prints embellished in real feminine colors for the ongoing summer 2015. Let’s have a look to the designs made by Kamran SK and launched by Rujhan Fabric in Raniya Summer 2015 Collection Vol-2.
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Five Star Classic Lawn 2015 Vol-2 Catalog | Real Classic Lawn Prints

Five Star Classic Lawn 2015 Vol-2 CatalogWith the emerging trends and rapidly growing competition in clothing market of Pakistan every brand is now claiming big; but it’s quite difficult to identify the real hero of the land.  There are few clothing and textile giants working for Pakistani fashion and clothing market; in fact they are the real rivals and Five Star Textile Industries is one of them. Five Star is serving the nation since decades and presenting quality clothing in both men and women clothing lines; but in women clothing especially unstitched category there is no rival of Five Star. And after the successful launch of Five Star Digital Lawn they are back in business with Five Star Classic Lawn 2015 Vol.1 Catalog
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Miss Charizma Vol-2 | Charizma Summer 2015 Prints

Miss Charizma Vol-2Looking for charismatic summer prints this season; you are at the right spot because Charizma has launched the most demanding summer prints of the season. This is Miss Charizma Vol-2—a blend of sensational lawn prints blended by the glorious hues of summer. Charizma Summer 2015 Prints of this Miss Charizma Summer Collection will be in stores from 25th April 2015 in just rupees PKR 2,750/-. Yes, these charismatic summer prints of Miss Charizma Vol-2 will be the part of summer wardrobe in just 2,750/-, so don’t Miss Charizma Summer 2015 Prints and continue with your charismatic look.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dawood Collection Lawn 2015 Vol-3

Finally Dawood Lawns has launched its consecutive third launch of “Dawood Collection Lawn” and in this Dawood Collection Lawn 2015 Vol-3 they have introduced the fusion of modernly designed lawn prints of the season which have been designed in Eastern and Western styles. So, grab the opportunity and pick your glorious moments with Dawood Collection Lawn 2015 Vol-3. The dresses are available in all leading clothing stores across the Pakistan. 
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feminine by Shariq | Best Formal Prints of Summer 2015

Shariq Textiles launched the best of best for summer season 2015 for the feminine of Pakistan. This is chic, stylish and romantic and of course the real formal dresses for girls for summer 2015. This is Feminine by Shariq consists of best formal prints of summer 2015. The designs have been showcased on official Facebook page of Shariq Textile and the prints will be in all leading clothing stores of Pakistan from 27th April, 2015. So, get ready for the real formal prints of the season and be the real feminine with Shariq.
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Rabia Gazal Embroidered Designer Lawn 2015 Vol-1 by Dawood

Here we have another merger; merger for the best and for the quality. This time designer Rabia Gazal and Dawood Lawns joined hands and designed the most beautiful embroidered designer lawn dresses for the summer season 2015. These embroidered designer lawn dresses are available in the market and you can also purchase from Dawood’s official store. So, hurry up and grab the best designs of designer Rabia Gazal of “Rabia Gazal Embroidered Designer Lawn 2015 Vol-1 by Dawood”.
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Alkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog / Magazine

Alkaram launched a stream of new summer prints in Alkaram Spring Summer Collection 2015 vol-2 and showcased complete catalog of dresses on its official Facebook page. This is just not the ordinary summer dress launch of Alkaram but a complete summer clothing experience for young, beautiful and stylish girls of Pakistan. Alkaram has introduced everything in this volume 2 for everyone; if you are looking some embroidered formal stuff this catalog of Alkaram will provide you your dreamy formal embroidered summer dress. And if you are searching for a funky casual colorful dress for the casual happenings of summer 2015 Alkaram launched a series of colorful summer prints under “Pop Art” and “Rangon Ki Dunya”. Alkaram has also introduced summer kurti designs in ready-to-wear format in this Alkaram Spring Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog. So, this time Alkaram brings more than 150 contemporary summer prints to give you a real feminine look in this summer season 2015.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monsoon Lawn 2015 Vol-2 by Al-Zohaib Textiles | Lavish Lawn Prints

Al-Zohaib Textiles launched its new dress collection for summer 2015. This is the second volume of Monsoon Lawn—a quality lawn label of Al-Zohaib Textiles. In this dress collection Al-Zohaib introduced lavish lawn prints for the feminine of 2015. This is the opportunity of modern college and office going girls to grab the lawn prints of the season. So, go and get Monsoon Lawn 2015 Vol-2 and lavish your lifestyle. The dresses are so affordable and the price starts from PKR 1,350/-. These lavish lawn prints of Monsoon Lawn 2015 vol.2 will be in all leading stores from 20th April, 2015. You can also purchase these lavish lawn prints of Al-Zohaib’s Monsoon Lawn Collection 2015 through online official store of Al-Zohaib. 
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LALA Vintage Spring Summer 2015 | Vintage Prints in Modern Cuts

Summer season is the sign of colors, radiance and shades. We enjoyed seasonal happenings especially the summer clothing. Summer season brings the glorious colorful experience of clothing; especially girls looking floral prints embellished in vibrant colors. But Lala brings entirely a different look for spring summer dresses. Yes, LALA Vintage Spring Summer 2015 is the collection of vintage prints which have been introduced in highly modern and sophisticated fashion cuts. LALA proudly presents vintage lawn prints embellished through floral impressions; LALA just transformed vintage floral and block prints in modernly embellished law cuts to serve your wardrobe. 
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