Misha Lakhani named Modern Mughal these Luxury Pret Dresses

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Misha Lakhani’s distinguish work set her prominent; and she made her own repute in pure pret-a-porter and haute & couture ladies dress lines. For the ongoing season Misha made the best of the best pret dresses for young modern girls of Pakistan. Misha Lakhani Modern Mughal will be a new series of competition in luxury pret line where customer will meet extravaganza hues of modern color schemes and fine luxuriously tuned dresses. Misha Lakhani set a new standard in modern pret dresses and gives a new birth to ancient Mughal era dress making. This is purely classic pret dresses made through the inspiration of modern dress making. Misha Lakhani named Modern Mughal these Luxury Pret Dresses. This is the real craftsmanship of ancient heritage and modern ideas.
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