Sobia Nazir Presenting SN Pret-15 | Modern Pret Wear in Floral Pints

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Rumors of SN Pret-15 were mingling in fashion horizons and pret lovers were waiting impatiently for the launch of Sobia Nazir novel pret collection for summer 2015. Finally now we get news; yes, Sobia Nazir presenting SN Pret ’15 for the ongoing summer season. The collection is composed of modernly designed pret wear in floral prints with extremely lavish embroidered trousers. You have to wait for just few more days as Sobia Nazir is going to launch these magical floral prints in market from May 18, 2015. So, be ready for the magical floral pret prints with stylish embroidered trousers; now bloom with summer bloom.
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