10 Things That Only People Living Abroad Would Understand

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Whether you came to United States through a petition from relatives to work or study these are the things that immigrants from all different parts of the world will surely understand.

1. You understand the different visa classification like an immigration lawyer

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H1-b visa for professionals like engineers, doctors and teachers
J1 - cultural exchange program
F1- student visa
Visit USCIS.gov for more info.

2. You always convert US Dollar to your local currency before you buy anything.

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You would feel guilty buying stuff after knowing how much it would cost in your local currency.

3. You speak in your local language and people think your cursing.

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Or sometimes ordinary words sounds like curse depends on the accent.

4. You have two or more jobs.

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Your full-time job pays the rent and the debt you had from the employment agency and your part-time job is for your personal expenses.

5. You buy chocolates, perfume, canned goods on wholesale stores and send them to your family back home.

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They loved it because it smells like America.

6. You talk to your family on Skype in the middle of the night because time difference.

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Even though 90% of the time your frustrated because of the bad internet connection.

7. Your friends and family back home think that you are rich.

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Facebook and Instagram pictures does not tell everything of the realities of life working abroad.

8. You feel homesick especially during holidays and special occasion

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But you cannot just go home because plane ticket is so expensive and you will lose your job.

9. You have cable subscription of your country’s TV channel

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Even though you know what will happen to the characters you still love watching these long, predictable and melodramatic TV serials.

10. You still in believe that hard work and determination you will get that “American Dream”.

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No matter how bad the economy is it is still better than what we had in our country.

-Farah M.

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